I remember when I sought out my first coach

I had connected with a few coaches and shared conversations but for me maybe the timing wasn’t quite right

I was about 6 months into setting up my business. I shared a 30 minute telephone coaching conversation with a business coach and he told me some cold hard truths that were hard to swallow at the time but deep down I knew he was right

Then about 8 months into my entrepreneurial journey I decided to go all in and work with a coach for 12 months. Even though I felt like I could do it alone I knew it would be easier to achieve my goals when working together with a coach

At the time I remember thinking I can do it myself why would I need a coach?

I had always been a very capable independent person. I had always thought it’s easier to do things alone that to work with the wrong people.

Part of me didn’t want to waste my money time or energy or to be left disappointed. Part of me didn’t want to make the wrong decision.

Yet I knew that with the right coach this journey I was on would be so much easier and my chances of success would be greater. Also I would get where I wanted to be much quicker than I could alone.

So I decided that if I was going to have a coach I wanted the best coach (just to increase results and reduce the risk)

At the time I had, at most around £500 for this purpose (I had no idea how much coaching cost) but I moved forwards as if I had thousands and I was curious to learn more.

I showed up and shared a 20 minute coaching call with an excellent coach. We talked about what I wanted from coaching and his words cut deep again when he said ‘it’s hard doing it alone isn’t it Natasha’ this was truth again. (That was me making it hard with my thinking)

He gave me some options for coaches and master coaches and of course I wanted the best, but when it came down to it I couldn’t even afford the coaches let alone the master coaches

He asked if I had enough for the first of three instalments and I said yes

So that day I signed up for a 12 month coaching package. Paid the first instalment not knowing who my coach was (we would be matched), not knowing how I would pay for the coaching (this I would create later) and wondering if I should have spent such a large amount of money that I didn’t currently have on something I had never invested in before

So much for staying in control of the situation!

A lot of fear showed up that day (again this was my thinking) but also excitement for what the next 12 months would hold now I had made this investment in myself

That was just the beginning. Then I had to show up!

I showed up for every single session and I showed up 100% every time

Well I wanted to get my moneys worth! And I wasn’t about to waste the opportunity. My coach was fantastic and she became the first of many coaches

We created some fantastic things together and I myself learnt to let go of many things that were holding me back. That was the start of my journey that brings me to today

Every coach I’ve had the pleasure of working with have been amazing and have all contributed so much to helping me on my own journey

Yet I wouldn’t have met any of them if I hadn’t taken the leap

There is something about making a commitment and a decision that is very freeing. There is something about letting go and surrendering to the process that is magical. Everything can be created and since then I have created a lot

My own clients have often said that their own issues have shown up when they themselves signed up for coaching such as guilt for spending so much on themselves, doubts about whether coaching would be for them, or lack of faith as to whether anything would be useful.

Yet they all have one thing in common. They let go and signed up even when they didn’t have all the answers and that was their biggest hurdle. Once they made the decision they were all in

What could you create?

How much easier would it be with a coach?

How much quicker could you achieve it?

So if you are contemplating working with a coach remember this…..

You have to let go to fly

You have to trust the process to move through it

You have to have faith that you are on the right path to travel it and reach your destination

Keep moving forwards even when you don’t have all the answers

And know that…….

When you show up 100% things will always work out

You have to just go for it in life and even though you can do it alone it’s good to know you never really have to

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