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The Womenspire leaders programme

I am particularly looking for Womenspire Leaders and emerging Womenspire Leaders who would benefit from connecting with other Womenspirers with big ideas who want to think bigger, raise expectations and create more opportunity for women everywhere. We don’t serve anyone by playing small, least of all ourselves, Inspire others by being the best version of you.

There is a magical kind of energy around women helping other women that creates all kinds of possibilities.

Are you a Womenspirer? Are you a leader?

Let’s create magic for women everywhere.

When you align with your passion and true purpose you can create miracles. Some things may not be serving you to step into your full power. What could you achieve for yourself and for women around the world if you became who you were meant to be. If you surrounded yourself with a group of powerful women with the same goal. To make history, to change the world. To improve the lives of women everywhere. Too have a far reaching impact.

Come along to a Womenspire Leader Group near you. I am currently in the process of creating these groups across the UK. Once you are a member you can attend any of the groups.


Check my event calender at the bottom of the page to book your place.

The Womenspire Philosophy: When you give and inspire, you receive it is law. These groups will revolutionise women’s networking and harness the power of contribution and your own development as a leader. Womenspire Leaders is not a network it is a growth movement. The Leaders of Today Creating the Leaders of tomorrow. It’s a Legacy. Choose to focus on contribution and you and your business will grow as a result.

When i looked at what i was spending on networking it was running into thousands per year but i felt that although the groups i attend are great groups at each group there was something missing for me. For me that is enough stretch or growth and being around a group of women who have big goals and are competitive in going after them. If I wanted to raise my game I went to coaches in America and Canada. I think there should be the environment and opportunity to encourage women to raise their standards and expectations. For me that has yielded greater growth and reward. This group wont be for everyone, but I don’t think it should be or it becomes like every other group. These groups are for leaders and aspiring leaders only but i believe there is great power in that for those who join.

In my years of networking I haven’t found a group that provides these things so I started exploring creating my own groups


I have based these groups around the 6 human needs

Growth (Tasks, Being the best version of yourself, playing big)

Significance (Being surrounded by other women leaders, being part of a group of powerful women)

Contribution (Serving, inspiring other women, creating tomorrows leaders)

Love/Connection (Sharing, inspiring, surrounded by like minded people)

Certainty (Structure, support, strength of the network)

Uncertainty (Stretch, womenspire tasks, growth)

I believe womenspiring is more powerful when it is a way of being not just something we do as part of our work

You become like the 5 people you surround yourself with. Many people would benefit from opportunities to spend time with inspiring supportive people, as as leader your growth is important too (this is often overlooked). Contribution, gratitude and abundance are major factors in success and also the ability to let go of the outcome and be of service to others.

I wanted to create a space for womenspire leaders to come together and create leverage in order to make a bigger difference, and magic for women everywhere. Alone we have more power than we know, together we are unstoppable.

Group Values:


  1. Inspiring other women is a way of being
  2. Serve each other and then business will happen naturally (Business is not our aim)
  3. A common Goal to create change for and inspire other women
  4. Working towards something greater than yourself
  5. Collaborations and referrals with materialise from service and relationships
  6. Creating opportunities for women to be in the company of other powerful Womenspirers
  7. Share your stories and successes to inspire others and celebrate those successes to inspire ourselves (we are Womenspirers too)
  8. Growth comes from venturing outside of what you currently know, do and who you are being

Membership criteria:

Women who inspire other women or have a real inner desire to

Givers or matchers (This group is not about what you get, although you will receive great things as a result)

Leaders, emerging leaders

Energy: Possibility, expanding and stepping further into your greatness

I have learnt that great possibilities can be created through leverage and ease. Step into your power as a leader, think bigger, be a part of something greater, connect with other Womenspirers and create magic.



There is magic within! When we want to create more impact in the world we can raise our internal vibration, release limitations and create more powerful aligned actions

Womenspire Leaders is a Monthly Group currently taking place in Newport and Cardiff. I am also looking for luminaries or light givers to inspire and create groups in other areas

When women come together for the greater good and with the sole purpose of serving, empowering and inspiring other women – Miracles are created in that space

Help and serve other women

Live your purpose

Build your dream

Make a contribution

Womenspire Leaders Network & Mastermind Group, Create miracles with other Womenspire Leaders

Our Next Meeting is June 6th at Malpas Court Mansion

To Apply for a powerful conversation to find out if the Womenspire Leaders Mastermind Programme is for you Contact Natasha on 07977 595603 I would love to hear about how you are inspiring women.

I am creating a space for a select group of Womenspire leaders who are making a big difference for women and would really benefit from the support of this programme to leverage their impact in the world

Lets change the landscape for women everywhere

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