Whatever you want to create, you CAN create it!

People are always saying it don’t have the time’ it don’t have the money’ ‘I don’t have the resources’

They get stuck with how to move forwards with their goals. They get stuck in their story of ‘I can’t right now because of my circumstances’ They get in their heads and overthink things. Believing in that story rather than believing in themselves. They often think they need to wait for those things to arrive before they can start.

So they never start, they procrastinate and never get as far as they would like. So to open this up I ask ‘So how can you create the time, money, resources?

This helps them to think differently and consider that step by step they can create these things. Often people see the whole finished result but can’t see how to get there. The gap between where they are now and where they would like to be seems too wide.

It’s really an issue of commitment, consistency and resourcefulness. Becoming resourceful is a great asset. Whatever you want to create you will come up against challenges and limitations. Yet resourcefulness and thinking differently can open up countless opportunities. Commitment is to decide you will take action in a particular area and consistency is to show up and take that action every single day.

You would not expect a beautiful garden if you never planted any seeds! The more you plant the more will blossom. The more you tend the more will thrive. If you water your plants everyday they will grow. It’s exactly the same when it comes to your dreams. Little steps often can quickly add up.

Whenever I was studying as a single parent I came up against ‘I don’t have time to study and write assignments while looking after my child’ So I woke at 5am and wrote between 5 and 7 before my child woke up.

When I wanted to write a book I came up against ‘I don’t have the time to write’ So I created the space and a time slot of an hour just to write every single day. I wrote 1000 words a day and created my first book.

When I wanted to create money. I created extra income streams in other businesses. One started with 2 chairs and now has over 800 items online. One started with an idea to turn a loss into a legacy and I have now walked 1000 miles with other people’s dogs. I worked on these and showed up every single day. I received extra benefits like walking keeps me really fit. I’ve met some wonderful people and been to some beautiful homes.

If it’s a question of resources. Who can you ask for help? Who can you partner with? Sometimes an idea can factor in resources so that they naturally show up. What resources do you need right now? Often you may not need everything you think you need to start. You can often start things with little or no resources and invest in these as you go.

So the question is never how do I have the time, money or resources. But how can I create the time, money and resources?

Obstacles come to instruct. So find ways around them and you will become limitless.

To do this you need to know what you want to create. You need to create the time slot to work to create it every single day. You need to show up consistently and take action every single day. Yet these openings these spaces these time slots do not have to be huge.

How much can you achieve in 10 mins a day, an hour a day, half an hour a day. It all adds up. How is that time best spent? What are the activities that will create what you want to create in the quickest way possible.

Often it’s not focussing on the outcome at all but the beginning of something. The planting, the tending. Then the outcome takes care of itself. I know in coaching focussing on coaching conversations is the most important thing. If you are not having conversations you will not have any coaching clients.

In sales you need something to sell. I have over 800 items and use marketplaces where there is a huge audience looking for items. So I focus on building that. Then items then sell regularly and without much effort.

What do you want to create?

How can you create the time, money and resources to create it?

If you showed up everyday and created a time slot where you commit to these things what would you have created in 6 months? a year? In two years?

How would your garden look? What fruits of your labour would you be enjoying. What beauty would you have created?

If you would like to create a space to explore this further contact me via the contact me page


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