Too Busy Earning a Living to Enjoy Life?

The Entrepreneur Mindset is an awesome thing. You see opportunities everywhere. You get ideas constantly. You take massive action and get fantastic results. You are passionate and driven.

You are amazing, do amazing things and people are inspired by you.

However I have found a few entrepreneurial saboteurs which you may recognise in yourself.

I Can’t Work = Frustration Saboteur

There is a Buddhist saying that goes:  “Present Moment…Only Moment”    So everything that is occurring, occurs in the present moment and everything that is remembered, is remembered now, in the present moment.

However many entrepreneurs are not happy unless they are working, unless they are striving towards a goal. You find it hard to relax. You miss opportunities to spend quality time with your family. You are always driven to achieving and find it hard to slow down.

The Self-Doubt Saboteur

I was exactly like this and while I was achieving and receiving positive feedback I was on fire. When I couldn’t work or had weekends off I was frustrated which stopped me from living in the moment and enjoying the journey.  The moment I got negative feedback or dubious comments I went into my head and doubted myself.

‘Self doubt is always there, but it is whether you let it run the show’ My Coach

The Speedy Gonzales Saboteur-Speed Judgement

I was 100 miles an hour before I learnt that slowing down was not only helpful but was crucial to my success in being able to help others to grow their businesses and in turn growing mine.

Not all feedback is personal and quite often constructive criticism is invaluable. Negative feedback is judgement and often a reflection of other people’s conditioning.

There is no right or wrong for any of us. When we make things right or wrong it is because of rules that we have in our heads about how things should be. Many of these are not our own but our lives are directed by them.

The Work Comes Before Absolutely Anything Saboteur

I used to miss countless opportunities to really enjoy the now, to enjoy time with my two sons and enjoy being me. I used to miss opportunities to truly serve clients by them signing up for coaching. So that I could really serve them to discover this and other lessons too.

Work is a job, love is a passion. Yes, you are passionate about your work but remember why you became an entrepreneur? It certainly wasn’t so that you could create a job. Many people become entrepreneurs to create more freedom but make sure that you don’t become your own jailer.

The Self-Sabotage Saboteur

I used to constantly rush everywhere and pack lots into my day, the more I did the further away from my goal it took me. The harder I worked the less happened. I had a scattered approach to finding clients so that hundreds of people got to know and trust me a little bit.

Then I was involved in a coaching challenge that meant I had to slow down and focus on the people that I could help more.

Wow! I found that difficult being used to working so fast and so hard and wanting to go 100 miles an hour and take those people along too. Slowing down felt as if nothing would get done.

My Tip! If it feels uncomfortable……Do It! there is massive growth waiting to happen.

Often the breakthroughs that I get in business are when I have slowed down. When I have really focussed deeply on helping a small number of individuals. When I have let go of any outcome and just served that person slowly and deeply.

Entrepreneurs often focus on the money, but by following your passion, helping others and doing what you love means that you will get to do more of it because do this and the money will come.

“We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies” Walt Disney

The, You Are Not Your Mind and Thoughts Saboteur

I realised that no matter what my mind says, it is all created and my mind and thoughts are not who I am. Thoughts are not real, we cannot know what other people think or what the future holds, we must let go of this idea that we can to be at peace.

Most people have identified with their minds, with those little voices of doubt and they think that is who they are, it is not.

It is just the little voices of conditioning and you didn’t even give them permission to be there. They just snook in.

So what can you do?

Learn to be totally present. Learn that you are not your thoughts and doubt. Learn to enjoy the moment and the journey.

Say less, Do less, Rush less, I find that I am quieter now and I notice more. The little voices of doubt are banished and I feel peaceful and quiet enabling me to give more to my clients and the people that I serve everyday.

Its like being a rock. Still and silent and noticing the waves around you. Their shape, colour, noise, foam. You don’t notice these things if you are running through the surf and looking at the horizon.

You feel a connection and enjoy the moment like you never have before. You will feel peace, you will feel freedom, you will feel connection right there! right at that moment! You will be more effective for your clients.

When it comes to spending time with family and enjoying the now. The same thing applies. Stop, be and notice. Be the rock, be still and silent.

You cannot notice the beauty of life if you aren’t fully present.

It may feel uncomfortable at first. It certainly did for me but it is where the awesome magical connections occur that provide you with amazing experiences.

All manner of amazing experiences are happening right under your nose, but you have to be still to notice, and know that any thoughts and doubt are not reality but created thought.

They don’t at all signify who you are. You are you! You are awesome! You deserve this life! You are an Entrepreneur!


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