Some of the people that you meet will be looking for what you have to offer

Some will be a perfect fit, they will be ready to commit to what you provide, they will be ready to commit to themselves

Most for various reasons either won’t see the value in what you offer YET or maybe won’t have the resources of the mindset to invest in themselves. Sometimes they are just on a different point of their journey or the connection isn’t a good fit. Maybe it’s not the right time in their life. 

There are lots of reasons why someone may not invest in your services and that’s ok. But many coaches and service providers take responsibility for this. Asking ‘maybe I could have done something differently?’

All you can do is connect and show up. Yes you can upgrade your skills around proposals, conversations, leads etc but even the most skilled sales people don’t sign up everyone they meet. Your one offering will not speak to everyone.

What I discovered was that when I had built several offerings in business ranging from free resources, books, online pre-packaged programmes, online group programmes, offline groups, workshops, training and coaching that rather than search for the right clients who might fit each of these things. I decided instead to connect with people generally and point them in the direction of whichever offering was the best fit for them. I do have clarity on who the clients for each offering are likely to be but like to stay open, listen to what people want and then point them towards a solution that fits with them.

So for example if I met someone at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey I would point them towards my book. If I met someone who wanted to be around other action taking women business owners I would invite them along to my offline groups for women action takers. If I met someone who wanted a space to bounce ideas around or work on themselves more I would point them towards coaching.

This new way of looking at things has opened up lots of possibilities and opportunities to help more people. No longer am I trying to make everyone fit coaching now instead I find out what might be a good fit for them and offer that to them

Yes, you can continue offering one service and yes you will come across some people who are looking for that but you are missing out on helping so many others and also on creating revenue for your business.

So what can you create to offer people who are  at different points of their journey

  1. Some free resources/blogs/videos
  2. Webinars/Trainings
  3. Write a book
  4. Membership sites
  5. A low investment entry online taster package
  6. A higher offer online package
  7. Online groups 
  8. Offline groups
  9. 1-2-1 coaching
  10. Vip days 

These are the regular offerings. Use your imagination and come up with something different, something that makes what you offer stand out

  1. Unique products
  2. Specialist courses
  3. Planners
  4. Podcasts
  5. Online TV show subscriptions
  6. Cards 
  7. Games
  8. Experiences
  9. Mini retreats 

Add in what’s different about you to make them unique to you. 

Get yourself a large piece of paper and pens and write down what your potential clients are looking for and then all the ways in which you could provide these

You may be surprised with what you come up with and you’ll have more options to offer people when you meet them

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