The Anxiety Revolution – Simple Shifts to Take Back Your Power

A wealth of experience in a single book

I worked in the mental health sector for 16 years, I worked with groups and I worked with individuals, I facilitated activities and ran training courses. The majority of the people that I worked with had anxiety whether severe or mild. I got to know anxiety very well.

I was always curious, asking people what works for you? I always knew that people have all of the answers but often they go looking elsewhere for them.

In my years after this as a coach and working with mindset I still came across anxiety, In business and networking I came across anxiety and in life not a day goes by where I don’t hear someone mention that they have anxiety or see some reference to it on my social networks.

The Anxiety Revolution is a book that I have wanted to write for some time. When I worked in mental health I always encouraged people to question things and to step into their own power, to believe in themselves and not the labels, symptoms and opinions around them. Back then and in my coaching I have helped people to leave anxiety behind quite easily making a few simple shifts.

I know how anxiety works and I know the process of letting it go too.

That is what I share in this book

It’s the accumulation of 20 years experience and of the processes and patterns that I have noticed in people everywhere

There is nothing wrong with anxiety and there is nothing wrong with you

The way out is easy but you have to see through a few untruths which I take you through in this book

You will leave lighter, more free and feeling so much better before you started because the illusion will be clear and the way out appears. The power will be in your hands, because it always was. You just needed to believe it.

You can purchase your copy here for a special £1.99 for a limited time

Every sale helps to take this book closer to more people who will benefit from it

So please share, buy, read and review

Many thanks Natasha

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