We only see things from our own perspective. We also only see what we believe to be possible.

Here are a few ways to open up your own blind spots.

  1. Be around people who have achieved what you want to achieve. Find people who are further along their path. Maybe they have been in business a lot longer. Find lots of these people they will all have found different ways to achieve their goals, connect and have conversations with them
  2. Create space to slow down and create leverage and see the bigger picture and develop a longer term mindset. People are often thinking small and doing the same as everyone else. Take the time to discover what’s unique about you and your product or service, how can you stand out. What connections will be more powerful for you and your mission. Doing things this way means you can create your goal much quicker and with more ease
  3. Invite perspectives, ask people how would you approach this? Ask everyone ‘how would you achieve this goal?’ you will get lots of different answers and insights. Some of these you may never have thought of before
  4. Journal get creative take a step back. Get your big felt tip pens out, post it notes, whiteboard. Write words on rocks do whatever you feel like doing to be creative. Take up space, put them all around the room. Map out processes. Just have fun!
  5. Talk to people in different industries. Find out how different industries approach things. Choose industries that are totally different to your own 
  6. Hire a coach to do all these things regularly. This is a continual process so creating space and time to go deeper creates more intentional powerful action and motivation to take that action thus opening up the possibilities and expanding what you believe to be possible

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