Fear and anxiety around global pandemics and absolutely anything else

Right now many people may be experiencing fear and anxiety about what might happen in the near future.

On some social media channels there’s a lot of information that certain things may happen regarding the situation with coronavirus.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have declared it to be a global pandemic.

There have been videos circulating regarding how other countries are dealing with the situation and panic buying in terms of certain products.

Conflicting information and people’s opinions and beliefs are contradicting and confusing.

Stories of school closures, restricted movements and home working.

All of this creates uncertainty and people generally aren’t very fond of that.

Yet there are important things to remember.

Fear and anxiety are future paced – they are created about something that hasn’t happened yet. Fear and anxiety are reactive not responsive. Fear and anxiety are exhausting. Most people haven’t actually had any first hand experience of the issue. Even if they did fear and anxiety are likely to make it worse.

Thoughts create fear and anxiety – what you are thinking creates your reality. Stand guard at the doorway to your mind. What information are you taking in that influences what you think. What are you spending your time and energy on that will increase fear and anxiety. What conversations are you having? How is all this serving you.

Fear for others – you may be fearful for others. You may say ‘it’s not happening to me yet but it’s happening, people are dying’ You may hear stories of people already affected by the situation. How is your fear and anxiety going to help them? How is your fear and anxiety helping you? Fear, stress, anxiety affects you in many ways that can be detrimental to your health and well-being.

Your beliefs – your beliefs about the situation will all be different. These will also affect your experience. Some people are very worried, some are not worried at all. Some people’s behaviour has already changed some have not changed their behaviour at all, some are changing behaviours to include preventative measures based on advice. There is a difference in people’s beliefs, behaviours and experience. Again make sure you’re are serving you.

Staying present – what is your present situation? Stick with that. Be in the NOW. Fear does not live in presence. What is the current situation for you, your family, your community. If everyone looked after themselves well and the people they meet the whole world would would be healthier.

See the bigger picture – what are the intentions behind information released. Be media smart. Question things, then do what you think is the right thing to do. Make informed choices rather than reactive movements.

Don’t feed it – monsters grow when you feed them. If you find yourself being fearful and anxious about the future of the situation. Come back to presence. Shift from your head to your heart. Do something for others. Be kind. Smile at a stranger. Give something to others. Be the light that the world needs when so many are sat in darkness. Not because of this uncertainty but because everyone gets a little uncertain sometimes. That’s just life.

Take action instead – what can you do to help. Worrying is like a rocking horse it doesn’t get you anywhere. Your worry will just make you feel exhausted and the last thing you need is a weakened immune system when faced with a global pandemic. You need at all times to look after yourself. You cannot look after others if you don’t look after yourself. If you really want to help. What can you do? No matter how small. Forget giving opinions or talking about beliefs. Look out for the elderly. Send hand sanitiser to hospitals to replace ones that have been taken. Offer free oranges. Every little helps.

Keep doing what you were doing – so many things can distract and derail you from your path. If you let them. Distractions, fear, your inner voice, the opinions of others, elections, media articles, global pandemics. What are the opportunities to make a difference? Focus on that but keep on being awesome and following your own path.


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