Do you find yourself continuously trying to make money or investing in things that will make you more money?

As coaches, entrepreneurs and business owners you are in an amazing position to help people more.

This is a huge motivation for many of us. The secret to living is giving after all. Yet as a self employed individual you are still responsible for creating an income for yourself and to support your family. Yet for most money is a dirty word.

This is something I find a lot of people struggle with. They enjoy what they do so much they would do it for free. They jump at opportunities to share their knowledge, expertise and gifts with people but often find they do not make enough income to make a viable business. 

They aren’t valuing their contribution so why should anyone else.

With the rise of social media much of what you may be doing such as blogging, videos, facebook live, sharing on social media, webinars, free consultations may not often provide you with income yet it can take up a lot of your time. 

It’s important to show your value and serve your community but how do you balance this with creating income because after all that means that you can serve more people. Know your value, rather than show your value.

Sharing and serving has its rewards that can’t be quantified by money but for the self employed entrepreneur if income isn’t one of them then it’s time to reevaluate where you are spending your energy and time.

Having clarity on who your target audience is can help. Who can you best help? Who do you want to work with? What are you passionate about? Not working with everyone you meet but creating content where people can find out more and dip into your services to receive what you offer in other ways helps as it frees your time up for use in other areas.

Creating a book, resources both free and paid, courses, places to refer people first before you exchange your real time and energy. Qualifying people, are they ready, willing and able to do what it takes after all it’s not just down to you.

Investing your time in things that create leverage such as content creation that affiliates can promote whilst taking a percentage of the income generated. 

Starting other businesses to work alongside your business to create more stability. Having several offerings available as not everyone may be interested in your main offer or not yet.

Having services at different prices for different people’s budgets and needs. Not everyone is ready to heavily invest but people may buy a book, jump on an online course or come along to a workshop or seminar.

Are you focussed on making money? Or investing in things that make you more money more easily?

Many people are trying to find clients rather than being the person that clients want to work with. Many are focussed on getting clients, any clients, rather than knowing their value and sharing that only with potential clients who are ready to invest in themselves.

When you focus on creating more leverage and sustainability generally in all the ways possible and then exchange your time, gifts and energy with qualified potential clients who just get it things become a lot easier.

Sustainability is important for any entrepreneur and this journey can be a turbulent one laced with many challenges along the way. Many fall by the wayside or go back to paid employment when the going gets tough.

Some things will leverage your ability to make an income more easily. 

Investing in coaching, investing in equipment that enables you to provide more services, taking a course to increase skills and knowledge, asking for referrals, investing in a larger vehicle (which you can have sign written to create your own advertising), investing in partnerships where you share skills, experience and work together to offer more benefits, being around the people who understand that you don’t need to get a proper job you are creating a more sustainable and enjoyable future. Investing in these things all leverage your ability to create more with more ease.

Take a look at where your energy is going and whether there is a more fruitful way not just in the present moment but that builds for a more sustainable future, with more ease associated with it in which you could be moving forwards, growing your business and creating more sustainability whilst helping other people too.

Make sure you are including helping yourself in the equation so that in the long term you can actually create what you want and create more ease and long term success. For you and everyone else.

Invest your time and energy into the things that create more and you will make money even when you are not working. I have received income while writing this blog from something that I invested money in and then have been working on and scaling for the last few months.

What income have you made whilst reading it? 

Something to ponder!

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