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Who Else Wants To Make The Transition From Owner To Leader With My Dedicated Coaching Programmes?

I offer a dedicated bespoke entrepreneur coaching programme for successful entrepreneurs who want to enhance their mindset, grow their business and learning more about themselves, transforming them from business owner into a powerful leader. I also offer specialised programmes for Leaders and CEO’s

  • Grow with Personal Development & Mindset Enhancement
  • Facilitate and Maximize Business Growth
  • Reduce Frustration
  • Maintain a Consistent Level of Motivation
  • Action and Address any Blocks along the way.

More insight, more growth and more possibility.


As an entrepreneur, the difficulty can be finding a coach that shares your entrepreneurial mind-set.

You’ve got big ideas, you know you have the capability to achieve them, but no one else sees things as you do. It is important to surround yourself with open minded positive people who can add to your growth. You are a pioneer, finding new and exciting products and ways to do things differently and that excites you and motivates you to push through even when things aren’t quite going how you’d like.

I am an entrepreneur and coach with a background in NLP, Intuitive Coaching and Well-being. Entrepreneurs work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week and this often means running away from other areas of your life. For some Entrepreneurs if their business went they would go too, as their identity and sense of self are all intertwined in what they do. However balance is important to your well-being. You need boundaries and to fill yourself up first. You can have it all and that’s where freedom can be found.

I coach successful entrepreneurs who wish to access and utilize their full potential and enjoy the success that comes from living the life they imagine.

Join me in an amazing exploration to discover yourself and the resources you need to achieve your goals, learn to achieve more balance in life, reach your true potential, stay focused, avoid the trap of the negative mind-set, maximize your stamina and willingness to push through in hard times and make the transition from owner to leader.

Improve your mindset, organisational skills, encourage and develop personal relationships with customers, reduce frustration, avoid taking on too much, eliminate over thinking and safeguard your well-being so you can get to where you want to be happy and healthy

entrepreneurs standards are rarely met by others leading to frustration, this comes from being in your map, but not everyone has the map of the entrepreneur and success comes from understanding your customer maps.

If you want to maximize your success, achieve balance, learn to deal with frustration and learn how maximize your mindset which will benefit you and your business, together we can get you where you want to be quicker.

Are you ready to earn more, achieve balance, gain your ticket to freedom and build the life you truly want?

The coaching programmes will have far reaching and long lasting results on your personal and professional life and will prepare you for whatever the future brings. It is an intensive programme, a creative process of self understanding and creates transformational results that will be with you for a lifetime.

This coming year I will be coaching only a few Individuals for one to one coaching. I am looking for outstanding individuals who will work closely with me to create an amazing future. If you have big dreams and could use the support of a professional coach to enable you to achieve them, you can apply now by calling the number below. Intake sessions are already taking place.

Investment: P.O.A.


Call Natasha on 07977 595603 to apply for a place on this years coaching programme.


 What Customers Have To Say:

What are the main benefits of entrepreneur coaching at Because U Can?

Increased profits: Coaching will increase your profits & sales. A client I worked with recently got SEVEN times more sales and took on FOUR times more business to maximize earning potential. This could be you!

More time: Get your pricing structure right for you and you could be earning more and working less. Making more time for other projects / time with family.

Focus: learn to prioritize and channel your energy and attention on the goals you want to accomplish. Think and act more clearly. Explore possibilities and ideas, think more creatively.

Learning: Natasha can help you to learn to get to know yourself better and achieve (accelerated) personal and business growth. Learn to build relationships with customers and to focus on the customer and listen to them. Learn how to create a great culture for talent retention and earn trust.

Increase your stamina: if you really want to achieve something you should persist and work hard to reach your goal. Avoid the trap of a negative mind-set or listening to people who are stuck in their thinking. Natasha can help you to create a road-map to actively pursue your dreams

Courage: Natasha will help you to step up and challenge yourself to achieve balance and improve interpersonal skills. Support to move outside your comfort zone and build skills in areas that are essential to your business.

Create new habits, beliefs and behaviours: Natasha can help you to replace bad habits by habits that support your goals.

  • Change limiting beliefs and behaviours so you can reach your potential more effortlessly.
  • Focus your attention on the behaviours that will take you closer to your goals.
  • Look at what is currently working and not working for you and work with you to think flexibly about what else you could do.

Productivity: Natasha can help you to improve your productivity, reduce procrastination and get things done. Cutting down on distraction activities and building focus.

Achieve life and business success: Natasha can help you build your business, increase clients, stay motivated and improve your skills to motivate others while achieving balance, well-being and enjoying a happy life. Transition from owner to leader. Why wait!

More Of What Customers Have To Say:


Please use my name I want everyone to know how great I found the session so please feel free to use my name. I’ve not stopped thinking about the session. it really has helped. more than you realise. Thanks again.
C J Horton


Thank you for today. It was lovely and you really helped clear this big anxiety for me. See you soon clever lady!

Coaching is a life changing experience, are you ready to experience a more fulfilled successful life?…

The relationship between coach and client is paramount to the success of the coaching. I only work with clients who are really committed to experiencing an extraordinary life and are willing to make the changes necessary for them to be successful in achieving their goals.  You have to be at a point in your life where you are ready for the change and willing to accept that you can be more and want more and to embrace that and be comfortable with the uncertainty, possibility and rewards that self discovery brings. I therefore will need to assess if we are able to work together to enable you to gain the most benefit from coaching and to make sure that you have the right coach. 

Current Entrepreneur Coaching Programmes Available:

I Currently offer Because U Can Personal and Business Coaching for a small number of individuals, C.E.O.s and entrepreneurs. Womenspire Leaders Programme is for Women Leaders who want to create leverage and social change for other women by being their best selves and achieving their full potential. Fast Track to Global Coaching for coaches and aspiring coaches who want to learn the steps to creating a global coaching business that works. In these packages the main focus is around mindset, processes and action so that you can get out of your own way and be the very best that you can be.

I have an upcoming Fast Track to Global Coaching Programme with only a few places available, application is through the contact us form on this site, which you can find here. I will then contact you as part of the application process. If you are ready to launch yourself and your business worldwide, faster and gain rapid, high and sustainable growth, contact me for further information.



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More Satisfied Customers:


I would highly recommend this amazing gift that this lovely service brings! I am feeling the ground finally starting to move underneath my feet!
Aaron Dreyling


Natasha has been a great help to my business -she has always been prompt in her meetings and has a very soothing tone of voice. Her sessions make you think about how your business is working and what you could do to improve it but without the need for Natasha to lead you down any particular path. I would highly recommend Natasha’s services.

Packages available are:

Fast Track To Global Coaching: The Steps To Creating A Global Coaching Business That Works

Uplevel your coaching business

Uplevel who you are as a coach

Uplevel your finances

Follow your dream and reach your potential while serving your clients to reach theirs

This programme will cover:

The importance of clarity and defining your ideal clients and the power of creating that first

The niche of YOU – No one else can occupy that space

Reach out to anyone especially the clients you really feel inspired to work with

How to find clients and create leads consistently

Ways to attract clients by being YOU, starting from YOU and sharing YOU

Your story is gold. How to be vulnerable and open to share your story

The client process. The journey from contact to client and why some people will sign up with you on the first contact

When to serve and when to sell and why you actually don’t sell anything

Create compelling client conversations how to leverage your service and impact

Creating commitment to serve your clients better

Creating structure and focus which will give you the freedom you really want

How to step up and lead so that your clients do too

Proposals and when to make them, if at all

Letting clients go to create space, saying no to clients

Client contracts and why sometimes you don’t need one

Be entrepreneurial. Ways to create passive income streams. Future proof your business to create more time

Create prosperity for you and your clients from a place of prosperity and abundance

Learn the processes for ease, once you have learnt these processes they will sustain your business forever

Contact me for further information on this programme or to apply. Investment: £8545


Womenspire Leaders Programme

A programme for Women Leaders who want to create leverage and social change for women everywhere

There is a magical kind of energy around women helping other women that creates all kind of possibilities

Are you a womenspirer? Are you a leader?

Why not join the Womenspire Leaders Mastermind Group, membership includes:

A Mastermind Group

Collaborate in Womenspire Events

Local Mastermind group

Be involved and spend time with a group of powerful womenspire leaders

Together we can change the world!

Extend your network and reach, collaborate, support each other, create opportunities.

There is power in a group of great leaders working together towards a common goal

Access to this programme is by invitation or referral only. Please contact me if you would like to apply to become a member

£35 Monthly Membership Contact me for an informal discussion



The Glass Cliff – Step back from the edge, create space and soar – for women leaders and CEOs in precarious and risky conditions

So you have broken through the glass ceiling and now you are teetering on the edge of the glass cliff and you may be wondering what on earth you have agreed to. You face intense pressure from others and from yourself to succeed 

You may have started doubting your own abilities or focussing on the seemingly impossible amount of work ahead. However when we focus on the challenges that is exactly what we get 

Teresa May the UK ‘s new prime minister Is a recent example of the glass cliff phenomenon and Hillary Clinton could well be the next candidate. Women are chosen to lead often at times of crisis, the company or parliament look forward thinking but these women are set up to fail and when they do are often blamed and scapegoated even though the challenges existed before they arrived

There are a number of areas of exploration and expansion that can help women in these precarious positions 

Also when we create space and align with the source of who we truly are, we come from a much more powerful place. We know our value. We follow our intuition and make better decisions. When we focus on what we want to create we move beyond the challenges and forward to succeed

The problem

Women are often selected as leaders when a company is in crisis and the odds of failure are higher. These women are often set up to fail

The glass cliff is a term coined by researchers from Exeter university in 2005. They researched data from FSTE100 companies and found that 42% of women were appointed during times of crisis vs 22% of men. 77% of male CEOs were appointed when firms were doing well with only 44% of women taking these roles during a boom.

Many other researchers have found similar findings 

Bruckmuller et al 2010 found that women were chosen at these times not because female characteristics are valued but because the stereotypical male traits are deemed unhelpful during a turnaround. So women are more often promoted into leadership when the deck is stacked against them. 

When I researched this I wanted to put something in place to support these women and to help them to step into their greatness in a way that is authentic to them. We have a lack of women role models generally and I am actively playing my part in creating more

The glass cliff programme – The value

Why now 

My aligned focus is on women leaders and through the Womenspire leaders groups both myself and the members by way of a collaborative approach are supporting more and more women to go further than they had imagined was possible. Creating these spaces is resulting in magical outcomes for the women involved. My goal is to create more women role models and to support those who have reached leadership positions to keep moving, keep inspiring and keep reaching their potential by encouraging women to step into their authentic power to inspire women everywhere. Helping you to focus on what you need to overcome the challenge and navigate through change. You can do this even though the odds look like they are stacked against you but you don’t have to do it alone. Ask for help, use your network, co-create. Helping each other up! 

Become resourceful. Create space and soar

Investment: P.O.A.

Contact natashadavies@because-u-can.co.uk to find out more

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Boost your Business Mindset Coaching Session – One off session P.O.A.

Confidence in Interviews – One off 2 hour session – P.O.A.

Need Short Term Coaching to Eliminate Issues with Anxiety? Control Anxiety rather than Anxiety controlling YOU! From the Author of The Anxiety Revolution – The Simple Shifts to Take Back Your Power

Freedom from Anxiety in 6 Sessions – Sessions available in person or through Skype


Contact Natasha for appliactions

7 days notice must be given for changes to appointment dates.
Payments are non-refundable for non-attendance at appointments.
Initial session cost will be taken off full price of coaching programme should you choose to purchase.