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My name is Natasha Davies and 2 years ago I left my job of 16 years to become a full-time professional global coach. I took the leap into full time entrepreneurship.

Has it been easy, hell no! is it the best decision I ever made, hell yes!

This year I have attended a weekend intensive with a group of very successful global coaches, and I was in London recently at a huge event with 7500 people from 38 different countries. This week I have coached clients in India, New York, Paris, Germany, Canada via Skype as well as personal clients face to face at my office. I also deliver workshops and training and last year delivered a funded programme of 40 workshops In partnership with the DWP and The Digital Volunteers.

When I first set out in business I had a lot of uncertainty but I had a vision and the determination to do whatever it took to make it a reality.

I have now developed online programmes, facilitated workshops and training for a number or organisations and coached hundreds of clients.

I made these video’s after my first year in business to help others who wish to follow the same path either as a solo entrepreneur or a coach. I have considered releasing them for some time but wondered if they were good enough, I know that the information in them is invaluable, I have learnt a lot since making these videos but these are raw, they were filmed in my home by me with the intention of serving you. So here they are………

This is what I discovered……………

ELEV8 is a 16 video programme for New Entrepreneurs and Coaches

Gain Freedom, Realise your Potential and Contribute to a Great Cause..

You’ve just taken the leap into self employment, you have had some support but now you are on your own. Things aren’t moving as fast as you would like. The Elev8 programme is designed to support you to step up into the Entrepreneur or Coach that you need to be to make your business a success. So that you can get the freedom and lifestyle that you desire. To realise your true potential and remove those limiting beliefs so that you can clear the way for your success.

You will get a workbook and 16 videos detailing the major shifts that I had to make during my first year in business so that you can save time and money in the long run by having all the important information from someone who has already walked that path.


ENTER YOUR DETAILS IN THE FORM BELOW are you a new entrepreneur or coach who wants to ELEV8 your business to achieve RAPID, HIGH AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH by investing in the most important aspect YOU and building a great foundation for your business.

Once purchased your work book and videos will be emailed out to you in a separate email for you to access immediately.

This programme is for you if you want to step up now and do whatever it takes to make your business a success, so that you can work less, give more, realise your potential and evolve into the great entrepreneur that you really can be.

Elev8 includes the 16 MAJOR SHIFTS that you will need to make on your journey to becoming authentic and SUPER SUCCESSFUL.

How do I know this?

Because I HAD TO MAKE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. This is the story of my first year as a full-time professional coach.

I struggled, I hit challenges, I overcame blocks, I made mistakes, at times I just didn’t get it and wondered if it was just me. I compared myself to others, didn’t think I was good enough, deserving enough, over analysed, tried to control everything and then learnt to let go of a lot of this stuff.

Does this sound like you?

Discover how to value yourself, to receive, to find yourself, your niche and your ideal clients.

Discover how to let go of helping everyone and start to HELP PEOPLE MORE INCLUDING YOURSELF.

Stop struggling, learn to trust yourself and the process and BECOME MORE SUCCESSFUL INSTANTLY.

STEP UP INTO YOUR POWER and feel fantastic doing what you love.

Stop struggling to find prospective clients, fill your weeks with conversations and see prospective clients everywhere.


The BIG SHIFTS AND TRANSFORMATIONS that we will be covering are:

COMPARING yourself to other entrepreneurs —- FINDING YOUR UNIQUE GREATNESS and courageously letting it out.



LIVING WITH SCARCITY and small fees (Helping more people) —— LIVING IN ABUNDANCE and raising Fees (Helping People More)

Plus 12 more major shifts.

The information in this package is worth thousands and it certainly cost me dearly to learn all of this, in time, effort and money. I would like to share this information now to help others following a similar path. You can get your hands on all of this information and your workbook where you can learn about the 16 shifts that I made in my first year of business as a full-time professional coach

I look forward to serving you and enabling you to make these SHIFTS TO SUCCESS.

Join me in making your business a success.

Kindest Regards



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