Buy yourself flowers, pat yourself on the back, celebrate your accomplishments

Often people wait for validation from others. Love from others. Acknowledgement from others.

Then they get disappointed when others don’t respond in the way they feel they should.

People want to be accepted. To be seen and heard. Are you accepting, seeing and hearing yourself?

What if you validated yourself, loved yourself, celebrated yourself? When others validate you, love you or celebrate your accomplishments it’s a bonus.

If you feel you deserve something give it to yourself. If you’ve never had something be the first and give it to yourself. If you feel no one is happy for you be happy for yourself.

Believe in yourself. Acknowledge yourself. Praise yourself. Love yourself!

Rather than saying ‘I’m ok’ say ‘I’m doing fantastic’ you will feel the difference.

Treat yourself to what you need. Whether it’s you time, focussing on your goals or just generally being kind to yourself.

My son came home from school recently and said that another child would not type his name into the computer yet they typed other children’s names in. I replied type your name in yourself don’t wait for anyone else to do it.

So often we wait for others to give us what we feel we need, deserve or ought to have. Yet what are you waiting for when you can just as easily receive it, go get it or deliver it to yourself.

So today I bought myself some beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day. I chose them myself. I got home and didn’t have a vase so used a coffee pot which I think looks rather nice actually. I look at them and they are beautiful. I’m going to enjoy them and it feels great that I haven’t waited to receive them.

If I get any it’s a bonus!

If I don’t I’m glad I took action and treated myself anyway. That’s a win!

What are you waiting for someone else to give you? That you could quite easily treat yourself to?

Love? Validation? Time? Acceptance?

Let me know what it is and how you chose to receive it from yourself. How did it feel?


Because U Can

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