Aren’t we all lost on an island?

I’m not one for watching Television. But 10 years ago I watched the series lost and loved it.

So I recently found a box set of the series and although it’s taken over a month to watch I’ve really enjoyed the journey.

It’s given me a little down time and sometimes we all need that in our busy lives.

So last night I watched the final episode and there are some themes that I think apply to us all.

This is why I’m here – we can all get a little lost and wonder what our purpose is. Throughout the series some of the characters say ‘this is why I’m here’ or ‘why am I here?’

Believing in something bigger than yourself – the island had an identity of its own. They would say they island hasn’t finished with you yet’ and they island won’t let you leave’

Faith and science – some were men of science others of faith. Some took orders from a man called Jacob who they had never seen. He appears later. Showing that we don’t have to see something to believe it’s true.

Helping each other – total strangers had to pull together to help each other survive. They didn’t always agree. There was friction and disagreements but they had one common goal to survive. Aren’t we all lost on an Island?

Good and evil – there was both good and evil within them and on the island. They were never sure who the good guys or the bad guys were and people often switched sides. This took some navigating.

Destiny or chance – some believed it was their destiny to be on the island and to overcome challenges some believed it was purely by chance that they were there. Until the end, that is, when they all understood. Don’t wait till the end! Whatever you believe make sure it serves you. Let go of knowing!

Everyone was connected – there were chance meetings. Crossovers. Relatedness discovered. Everything was linked. We are all connected. They hadn’t known each other long yet formed some strong connections. Strangers can become friends.

The source of light – underneath the island there was a source of light that couldn’t go out or the island would be destroyed. This had to be protected. We all have our own source and light. We all have our own energy. Look after yourself and protect that. Be the guardian of your soul.

Each character had their own demons – they were chosen by Jacob to be candidates to protect the source because when he chose them they were all flawed like him. We are all flawed. None of us are perfect. Seeing the human being in everyone, seeing their vulnerabilities creates connection. Seeing people as perfect or different creates separation.

Trust – trusting each other, not trusting each other, trusting each other again, trusting the island. There was a real rollercoaster of trust. The ups and downs of life maybe.

Not understanding – they struggled with not understanding and they needed to know. They searched for answers. Yet things kept evolving and changing. They could never get to the bottom of it. That’s the struggle!

Letting go – some had to learn to let go. At the end a few say ‘I know you don’t understand but if you come with me you will’ trust again! And letting go!

Live together die alone – often they had choices to make. They could either live together or die alone. They didn’t always see eye to eye but together they were stronger. They all had their own skills and experience to bring to the table.

Enlightenment and transformation – watching I felt it was a journey from beginning to end. Many of the characters changed, transformed, became different in different ways. Any new experience changes you unless you struggle with it. Then it just takes longer! Embrace change, become enlightened and transform.

Some found things that they didn’t even know they were looking for. That’s the miracle.

Spoiler alert!

They were actually all already dead at the start. Luckily we don’t have to wait till that point to learn these things for ourselves.

Life is our adventure


Because U Can

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