I help Creatives, Entrepreneurs and CEO’s with high personal standards to successfully navigate the challenges associated with their role, purpose, mission and personal life. So that they experience growth, move forwards, step into their greatness and are able to make a bigger difference. They are then able to make visible what without them may never have been created, leaving a legacy and having a greater impact in the world.

I create a confidential yet challenging space for them to show up fully in and explore options, ideas and actions. A sounding board to help them to gain clarity and to move forwards to achieving exceptional results. Enabling them to embrace their leadership or life on all levels.

Would you benefit from the space to reflect, bounce ideas around and negotiate challenges?

Do you question your own value or judgement?

Feel frustrated and know that you can make a bigger difference?


Our thinking, limiting beliefs and behaviours often stop us from being where we really want to be and getting the life and business we truly deserve. If we are not in alignment to what we truly want we can feel unmotivated or get overwhelmed. Sometimes you may feel out of your depth and need some clarity and support to stay on track. Many people have fears around failing, making the right choice, doing the right thing, not making a big enough difference in the world. We often get what we focus on so its important to create clarity about what it is you really want.

We are the average of the 5 people we surround ourselves with, often you may be surrounded by people that you don’t feel able to share with, its important to surround yourself with those who encourage you to raise your game, to be yourself and to embrace the journey. Sometimes it can feel like you don’t fit in or that no one understands or supports you so it’s important to surround yourself with people you can trust. Having the right components in place can enable you to feel invincible, be unstoppable and show up authentically. Creating your best work yet!12039491_10153072076331680_39737371984337583_n

I know what it feels like to wonder if you are on the right track with a project, as a creative and a high achieving entrepreneur you are quite often out there on your own, testing new ideas and having someone to talk to about your work and ideas don’t happen often. I sought out lots of helpers, mentors and coaches to help me get to where I wanted to be quicker and to bounce my ideas around with. I found my alignment and purpose which made things easier and more enjoyable.

Being a creative, entrepreneur or high achiever, you are out there on your own, battling everyone else’s conditioning of how things should be done or what is the best thing to do. You may feel frustrated that you should be able to do it on your own but a different perspective can remove the frustration and help you to find the desire beneath this as well as ways to achieve your goals.

What other people think says more about them than it does about you. Find your unstoppable, find your inner alignment, be in your power.

Talking to others always helped me to find my own answers to any questions I was seeking and I discovered information and techniques that would help me in my business to find my focus, alignment and most importantly to find me. I always had confidence in my abilities and because of my training and previous experience but now I have developed alignment, purpose and courage. If you have a message how will these help you to achieve your own goals?

So who am I to help you get there?

I’m Natasha Davies a Global Intuitive Professional Entrepreneur Coach, Author, Huff Post Blogger and Mindset Consultant I am also an Expansive Thought Leader I lead by example and live an expansive life meaning I am constantly stretching what I believe to be possible. I’m creating a service focused business, with ethics, trust, a positive culture and people can see that. I’ve had so many offers from people wanting to work with me its very inspiring. I have recently been shortlisted as a finalist for The Entrepreneurs Champion of the Year at The Entrepreneur Wales Awards and I am also a finalist for The Business Growth Awards People Development Category.

I have a 16 year background in psychology and mental health, I have experienced many challenges in life such as being a single mother and experiencing domestic abuse and this in fact was a catalyst to starting my own journey of self discovery and my business. I have also created  other businesses as i understand the benefit of multiple income streams and the importance of creating a stable foundation from which to grow and scale.

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Many clients I see have been listening to their insecure thinking and really appreciate having the space and support to explore different aspects of their work, businesses and lives. Many have experienced a feeling that there is more? that’s because there is always more. Many have doubt, push themselves too far, take on too much responsibility or just want to expand grow and make a bigger difference.

I have always been very organised, with two children (one a toddler!), but I have developed strategies and rituals to make my days as productive as possible. We all have an optimum time to get things done and there can be many distractions. Balance is very important and all work and no play/poor work life balance can have negative effects. Every action has to be taking you closer to your goals for maximum success.

I’ve learnt to be very conscious of sabotaging thoughts and behaviour patterns and so I’m able to notice these in my clients and help them to change these. I made good use of any support I could get, I’m an opportunist so I was able to notice opportunities when they arose and grabbed them with both hands as I was extremely motivated to make my business a success.

Every one can get into a negative mind set at times and I can’t profess to being totally positive all the time, almost though! However knowing that a negative state would work against my goals and not towards them was valuable insight.

I knew that I had the power to chose my state by changing my thoughts. Which is why I got there quicker than I would of had I not had these skills. I also found who I needed to become to make my business and my clients dreams a success.

I had rapid growth in a short space of time because of the attitude, thinking and behaviours I implemented and I was very happy and still am. I often hear entrepreneurs and individuals say ‘ I will be happy when…’ to which I always answer ‘Why wait!’

I know how to think, and behave in ways that mean things don’t affect me, making me resilient to change, unexpected pitfalls and negative situations in the outside world.

If you are an Entrepreneur, CEO or Director with high personal standards, hold a position of responsibility and would benefit from creating a powerful space to explore the way forward for you contact me to schedule your consultation.

Natasha exclusively coaches only a few personal clients each year and is currently taking applications for 2018

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