10 ways to get more engagement in your business

  1. Ask questions on social media and get people visualising/debating. What is the one thing that would make the biggest difference? If you won a million pounds how would you make the best use of it? What one thing would you like to achieve this year? It gets people thinking and then commenting
  2. Be controversial go against the grain. Speak your truth. I was at an event where I had challenged something that the host had said. They worked for the NHS and had said that the NHS didn’t use small businesses because they didn’t know who to trust. It was an event about innovation in the NHS and I simply said ‘there’s your problem, that’s why there is not enough innovation in the NHS’. Later a lady approached me and said ‘I was cheering inside when you said that’ always speak your truth.
  3. Speak from a clients perspective and in a clients language. When clients tell you what their challenges and solutions are write them down exactly as they say them. For some this is difficult and I myself have been at events where you all get together in small groups, 1 person writes down suggestions from the group and its a bit of a bugbear of mine that more times than not, the person somehow manages to translate what everyone has said into their own words. When you really listen you write it down exactly as it was said, not what you think they meant. This information is gold. Getting this right can make all the difference when attracting clients
  4. Listen to what clients and users of your services say and repeat this in your posts exactly as they said it. You will notice patterns, the same sayings coming up again and again. When I worked in mental health if I had a pound for every time someone with anxiety said ‘I just want to be normal’ or ‘I want to get back to who I was before anxiety’ then I might not be writing this blog but instead be lying on a sun kissed beach somewhere. Again it’s down to listening. In the voluntary sector engaging clients to attend groups can be difficult. You ask what people want, they tell you but when the marketing materials, posters are written the words change and the pull or connection is lost. What we as coaches, businesses or service providers must remember is that the clients perspective is key not ours. Sometimes when I post things on social media people will correct me on what I am saying what they don’t know is I’m not speaking to them or me but to potential clients.
  5. Search groups for questions where your ideal clients are and find out what their challenges are. If you check out some large groups there are already threads where someone has asked what are your challenges? And people have replied
  6. Research. Google is a marvellous tool that many people don’t make good use of. If I google ‘What do women leaders want?’ I can take advantage of many research studies that have already been completed on this subject. It’s important to look deeper into who conducted the research, if they have a conflict of interest and who funded the research. However there is a lot of information out there. When I google ‘how to be a Huffington post blogger’ I am faced with many blogs on how to do this. These are based on people’s experiences and everyone’s experiences are different. I’m not suggesting these are not as important as research and in some ways research isn’t good either in terms of limitations but whatever you are looking at just pull out what’s important. Some key points. When I wanted to be a Huffington  post blogger I didn’t read any of these I just did it. I found my own way. I chose to ignore other people’s opinions and limitations. I find business is much the same. Learning as you go. Finding your own way. So play around with these things and find what works for you. 
  7. Ask people. What are your challenges? They will tell you. Be direct just roll up and ask. I have popped into businesses and asked this question, I’ve even called them up and asked them over the telephone. They will tell you because you are interested. Also ask them what would be amazing for them? They will tell you this too. 
  8. People always already know what they want and they will tell you when you have the courage to ask. Listen to their solutions and then create them. Run a survey and ask your ideal clients to complete it detailing all the information that you need
  9. Dig deep and speak with passion. Where can you make the biggest difference, search within for the thing that excites you the most I did this with my first posts around Womenspire leaders and received 170 responses. Make sure posts are in line with who you are. I post lots about questioning thinking and thinking outside the box, that’s who I am and what I stand for. 
  10. Be consistent. Being consistent doesn’t mean you can’t have a break from social media. I believe that life doesn’t happen as much when we are glued to our mobile phones and laptops. I mean it can get pretty addictive. Being consistent means showing up, doing what you say you will do, whether online or offline, we are all human and we all forget things from time to time. Be accountable and apologise if this happens. Being consistent means committing to things, to yourself, to others, to tasks, to creating space. Whatever it is commit fully. When I wrote my book I did that consistently for 31 days writing 1000 words a day. That’s what I mean by consistent. We don’t have to be constantly available but when we show up we need to show up fully

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